Brief Introduction of the company
    The company is a share-holding company reformed from a state-owned import & export company. The main products we are dealing include: ore, pig iron, coke, graphite electrode, carbon products, refractory raw materials, refractory, refractory fiber and its products, steel ingot mould for ingot casting, copper mould for continuous casting, light industry products and various kinds of shoes. We have not only our own production base, but also a close relationship with more than ten domestic reputable suppliers that have large production scale, stable raw materials supply, perfect quality control system and reputable credits.
    As a result of recent twenty years out standing achievement, we have established good relationships and kept friendly intercourses with more than ten foreign companies in the countries and regions such as America, Canada, South America, Australia, Algeria and Africa etc. Our import and export business has been enlarged year after year. We also have close relationships with main domestic ports. And it can ensure the safety of transportation and accurate date for storage, dock and ocean transportation.. In order to serve our customers better, we have registered a Sino-American joint-venture company in Delaware (America) and established the Mediterranean Sea International Import & Export Company in Algeria,. Both of them have been put into operation.
    We are looking for more development together with friends home and abroad on the basis of being¡± enterprising, sincerity, modesty and collaboration".
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