Manufacutre Base
Brief Introduction of Production Base
    Our production base locates in Yangquan, Shanxi, where the best bauxite in China holds in store. It is proved that there are abundant of bauxite reserves and is regarded as the top-stock refractory material by steel enterprise. The base is 120 kilometres far from Taiyuan, Shanxi province and Shijiazhuang,Hebei province respectively, where Shitai Railways and Taijiu highway get across. The mill is 10 kilometres from Shitai Railways, 16 kilometres from Taijiu highway, which is convenient for products transportation.
    In our production base, there are three subsidiary companies, one new products¡¯ development & research branch, one quality testing centre. It covers 128000 square metres and have 680 employees, 3 senior engineers, 68 technicians and managers. Its production equipments including subsidiary equipments are 228 sets, in which, main production equipments are two 400¡Á600 jaw crushers, two 1.2m conical crushers, three ¦µ 1.5m¡Á5.7m tube mills, eight 750 mixing mud mills, 26 press machines, one vacuum press, one vacuum impregnation production line, eight processing equipments for grinding brick, one high temperature tunnel kiln and eight high temperature shuttle kilns..
    Main products: high alumina brick for blast furnace, fired tiny porous alumina carbon brick, low porous clay brick, mullite brick and low creep series bricks for hot-blast stove. Meanwhile, producing anti-spalling high-alumina brick for cement kiln, abrasive brick for active lime jacket kiln, alumina carbon silica brick, high-alumina brick etc. Desulphuration of hot metal ASC brick, molten steel refining, mult-material refractories in crucial working procedures for continuous casting metallurgy industry, yearly output is 50 thousand tons. Stable products¡¯ quality has won lots of reputation, meanwhile also made contribution to metallurgy industrial development and foreign-export exchange accumulation.
  Address£º16F,Hengzhi Commercial Center(Shuigong Building),No.368 Qinxian North Street,Taiyuan,Shanxi  
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